Cloud-native meets hybrid cloud: A Strategy Guide

September 14, 2020

IT systems have become highly distributed across datacenter locations and public clouds — hybrid cloud IT is a reality for most organizations. New development technologies in cloud-native and other areas open huge new opportunities to... READ MORE

IBM Cloud Pak for Data Product Walkthrough

September 13, 2020

 IBM Cloud Pak for Data is a fully integrated data and AI platform that modernizes how businesses collect, organize and analyze... READ MORE

Quantifying how disaster recovery in the cloud reduces risk

September 10, 2020

The likelihood of your organization to experience unplanned downtime is 92%, according to research from Aberdeen. Yet reducing the time-to-recover to... READ MORE

Insurance Provider Speeds Development

September 10, 2020

When insurance provider Groupama decided to move to cloud-native application development to keep pace with market demands, it turned to Red... READ MORE

 Boost business agility

August 31, 2020

IT and business are changing rapidly. But rigid legacy IT infrastructure can prevent you from innovating. Complex environments limit flexibility, speed,... READ MORE

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